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Dead End Street

Dead End St. is a zombie-survival shooter game where you play as Brett as he tries to get his family to the safe zone known as Highland Park. But he must persevere through hordes of Decayed, survive with supply runs and defeat the highly mutated mega-zomb

Date Date: Jul 1, 2016 | Views Views: 351 | Rating Rating: 5.00

Euro Kicks 2016

In this football game you are going to score more penalty shootouts and pass to the next stage of the competition. While you are striker, you need to set the direction, height and the power of your shoot. Can you take your team all the way through the Eur

Date Date: Jun 24, 2016 | Views Views: 375 | Rating Rating: 5.00

Mutant Fighting Cup 2

Mutant Fighting Cup is back by popular demand, with new content for 2016! This time, play as the creepy Cat character and unleash your feline fury upon the mutant enemies! Play Mutant Fighting Cup 2!

Date Date: Feb 18, 2016 | Views Views: 659 | Rating Rating: 5.00

Billiard Blitz Hustle

Hustle your way through this pool hall, defeating challenging opponents, winning the bronze, silver and gold cup, and earning as much money as you can. Ball in hand, Lets Play Pool!

Date Date: Aug 27, 2015 | Views Views: 534 | Rating Rating: 5.00

Teddy Bear Picnic Massacre

If you go down to the woods to the woods today you're in for a big surprise. This Teddy Bear Picnic is turning into a Teddy Bear Picnic Massacre!

Date Date: Nov 26, 2013 | Views Views: 847 | Rating Rating: 5.00

Trucking Zombies

The world as we know is under attack by infected humans!

Date Date: Oct 31, 2013 | Views Views: 995 | Rating Rating: 5.00

Right Hand

Rescue your kidnapped wife in this shooting point and click adventure. Make your way through the kidnappers house and other levels taking out all the bad guys but any means. Remember to pick up the health packs on your way as you WILL need them!

Date Date: Oct 14, 2013 | Views Views: 1,389 | Rating Rating: 7.50

Left to Die

Fighting for the army somewhere in the jungle, you fall out of your squadron's helicopter. You are now alone on an unexplored island filled with mad monsters who want to feast upon your flesh. Today is NOT the day you die!

Date Date: Apr 25, 2013 | Views Views: 4,421 | Rating Rating: 6.25

Zombogrinder 2

You destroyed the zombies in round one of Zombogrinder but now the zombies are back, and they want REVENGE! Upgrade your ride and slice and destroy the undead.

Date Date: Nov 28, 2012 | Views Views: 1,970 | Rating Rating: 6.00

Gravity Duck 2

Guide the duck safely to the golden eggs by flipping gravity and avoiding obstacles in this puzzle platformer game!

Date Date: Feb 19, 2012 | Views Views: 1,326 | Rating Rating: 8.33

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