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Shoot your victim using a rotating catapult at saws, chains, hooks and tons of brutal weapons!

Date Date: Sep 23, 2013 | Views Views: 1,751 | Rating Rating: 8.57

Human Chop

Destroy the humans! Life in the big city is hard enough, pulverize them and become happy yet again. Feel the pain!

Date Date: Aug 12, 2013 | Views Views: 1,400 | Rating Rating: 8.33

Handless Millionaire 2

Grab the money and run! Or get your hand cut off in this gore filled sequel to the original handless millionaire game show!

Date Date: Jul 15, 2013 | Views Views: 1,980 | Rating Rating: 9.09

Super Santa Kicker

Smash Santa into chimneys, how else do you expect him to deliver presents? Super Santa Kicker is back, with vengeance! New challenging levels will stump even the best players. Can you beat level 4?

Date Date: Dec 17, 2012 | Views Views: 1,592 | Rating Rating: 5.71

Catch the Candy: Halloween

Extend your trusty sticky arm to catch the candies!

Date Date: Oct 25, 2012 | Views Views: 1,577 | Rating Rating: 8.33

Demon Destroyer

Destroy evil demons using your destructive balls!

Date Date: Oct 22, 2012 | Views Views: 1,478 | Rating Rating: 6.67

Chicken House 2

The chickens are back with vengeance! Destroy all the chickens in each level before they destroy you!

Date Date: Oct 10, 2012 | Views Views: 1,552 | Rating Rating: 6.00

Ragdoll Ball

Play as a ragdoll character and possess the ball by smashing into it using your flexible body. Master these difficult controls and sail through levels of difficult opponents. Play local multiplayer against your friends and family!

Date Date: Sep 11, 2012 | Views Views: 2,355 | Rating Rating: 6.67

Save My Tree

The tree needs water! Break rock barriers to guide cute water drops to the exit, collect stars and solve liquid based physics puzzles while avoiding obstacles like spikes! Use power-boosts, trampolines and more to help you reach the goal!

Date Date: Jul 17, 2012 | Views Views: 2,374 | Rating Rating: 8.33

Vampire Cannon

Solve vampire physics puzzles as you turn humans into vampires in this addictive cannon shooter!

Date Date: May 1, 2012 | Views Views: 988 | Rating Rating: 5.00

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